Passion in politics is not a bad thing, but oftentimes it simply leads you believe fantasies about the political allies and opposition that just aren’t true. You begin to believe what is false.

Here are some signs that you’re politically disillusioned.

  • You think your party is on the correct side…

My name is Taylor. I find beauty in learning, love, and growth. In pursuit of this beauty, I seek to slay down the lies that plague every dark corner of our souls. I want my story to be a valiant glorification of our God, the Creator who in this day is crudely denied and vilified.

My name is not Taylor. But for the purpose of the story, it is. I may be daring, but I will also be vigilant. Because in a darkened society where anyone seeks every excuse to cut you down, I must be clever. This venture will be polarizing, and I will be cast as both victim and villain.

So here begins my story. Let’s follow these wild roads and find beauty that awaits us.

The Daring Christian

I am a Christian, and I probably disagree with you on a lot of things. I dare to challenge your world view and welcome you to challenge mine.

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